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Still deep waters

© 2007
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2007
You feed my addiction so I will depend on you
You ease my affliction and I will ascend with you
my heroine you?re the steel that pricks my skin
you are the needle in my vein
the drug that numbs the pain
you are the balm that soothes the wound
the walls of my cocoon

still deep waters running deep
running deep running deep over me
there?s nothing I wouldn?t do for one more fix of you
and there?s nothing I want more
then the searing heat I felt with you before
I?m climbing the wall I can?t face the withdrawal can?t take it at all
so please don?t deny the craving that I
I feel for you.
376 Original   03:12
436 Instrumental   03:12
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