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Everything but the squeal

© 2013
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2013
There's a look in your eye like the flash of a razor blade
It's tropical in here It's 96 in the shade
Caught in the act and banged to rights
Fingerprints all over the scene
And in your hand my gun's still smoking
I'll take a hit on what you're toking
Know what I mean.

If you'll be my bitch then I will be your dog
And I'll feast on your flesh like a greedy hog
Let's rub and grind our hides together
If you're mine tonight I'll be yours forever
Jacking the ball and balling the jack
you take the reins I'll take the slack.

I've lain with the devil and cursed at the heavens above
You showed me magic tricks and I called it love
There's a price to pay to feast with panthers
Don't ask me I ain't got no answers
I'm fixing to pounce ready to attack
Let's go to bed let's hit the sack
Like angels on horseback like pigs in a blanket
Load up the tablets it's a gannets banquet
Let's gorge ourselves like it's our last meal
And like a black widow I eat what I kill
Everything but the squeal.
451 Original   04:56
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