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The girl in the furskin rug

© 2013
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2013
It's time of martyrs and assassins
Demostration reigns everywhere
Crowds of people young are amassing
There's a revolution in the air
Anarchy and fighting on the city streets
A new voice is shouting loud in the searing heat

It's time of prophets with protest songs
Tryin' to make it right their fathers wrongs
Rail against the picks of the grey haired guard
Fight against the bullies of the old school yard
Fists raining hard
Playground thugs - We all love the girl in a furskin rug

It's time of butterflies on the wheel
Take a magic trip and they throw 'em in jail
And Sergeant pilcher he's going down
What a clown
Planting drugs - On the girl in a furskin rug

I wasn't there
Just too young for that
But I've watched the film and read the book
And though I swear It's the same old hat
Nostalgia sells and we love the look - Of the girl in a furskin rug

The dream is over long time gone
The old brigade just carries on
It wass all a con
But I'd still love to hug - The girl in a furskin rug
454 Original   03:49
466 Demo   03:46
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