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Paradise (will shine like the moon)

© 1990
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey, C. Adams, M. Brown, S. Hinkler
Jahr:  1990
Hey sister moonshine ride the snake with me
Ride it long ride it hard
Ride it all the way with me
Hey sister moondance charm the snake with me
Charm it long charm it hard
Charm the skin from it's back for me

And paradise will come tonight
In the comfort of your arms and the ritual and the rite
And paradise shines so bright
Lead me a dance of veil in the silver of the moonlight
And paradise
Paradise will shine like the moon tonight

Hey sister moonchild the wolf is howling at the moon
He howls long he howls hard
Howling for you sister moon
Hey sister moonshine hold me 'til the break of dawn
Hold me long hold me hard
Hold me 'til shadows fade away

Hey sister moonlight kiss me with your honey lips
Kiss me long kiss me hard
Kiss me 'til my honey drips
Hey sister midnight love is over with the rising sun
Love me long love me hard
This could be forever if you love me right
204 Original   03:52
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