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Diamond cuts diamond

© 2006
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey
Jahr:  2006
There is no sin there is no virtue there is no right or wrong
There is no tried and trusted way of pushing love along
You can't hold a flame to the wind and hope for it to burn
You can't build a castle in the sand and hope for the coming tide to turn
I give you all I've got to give but I can't give you all you need
The first cut is the deepest and it hurts me to see you bleed
You say you don't care but the truth is you care more than I ever could
You say it doesn't hurt but the truth is it hurts more than it ever should
I won't flatter to deceive but I'd love you to believe in the healing hands of love
But it's more like a curse than a blessing to you because I can never give you enough
You always see the beauty of a rose but you only ever feel its thorns
The petals fall and the flower dies and the flesh is cut and torn
Diamond cuts diamond
And it's cutting you up inside
And it's ripping you open wide
And it's tearing you apart
And it's carving its way deep into your heart
356 Demo   04:59
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