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Never again

© 1992
Text:  W. Hussey
Musik:  W. Hussey, C. Adams, M. Brown
Jahr:  1992
It's never been like this
It's never been like this, no never felt like this before

And it was just around sunrise when you crept out the door
Left me ragged and worn but left me,
Left me wanting more, more, more
Let's do this all again
Let's do this all again
Let's do it all again
Let's do this all again, do it all again sometime

And do you remember Paris in the rain?
And it looks just like Christmas
But that's come and gone again
And the wild cats roaming in among the tombs and graves
And the flickering white meon of the cross and "Jesus Saves"
And the headlights like fires and the crowds in the streets
Children dressed in rags begging at our feet
And we crawled back to our room
With our heads spinning 'round
And we just lay in the dark
And didn't dare make a sound
And a sorrow soft as whispers stole into our hearts
Lay down between us and pushed us apart
And do you remember the silence scorched with pain?
A burning regret, let's never do this again
Let's never do this again
26 Original   05:06
23 7" Edit   03:45
44 Aural Delight Version   04:20
25 F1 Mix   05:45
24 Zero G Mix   05:51
82 Video Clip   03:55
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